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Logo is registered! 商標註冊成功!

Posted by Cheryl Yee on

Hooray! Our logo is finally registered as TM after more than two years in review. The application was submitted on Nov. 7, 2013 and TM was registered on March 16, 2016.

Yes, it takes time.

If you wonder if our logo is Chinese character, the answer is yes and no. It's actually a marriage of two characters: & . The upper part of the logo is taken from which looks like an abstract hat, the strokes beneath it as in are transformed into two curves resembling a pair of smiling eyes. The lower part is a graphic version of which looks like a human face.

Incidentally & are the surnames of  Zhen Pearl founder and designer Cheryl Yee's parents. As such, the logo represents both a marriage of two characters and a marriage of two families.



如果您在猜logo究竟是不是一個中文字?答案是不是,其實它是造字,是 ”&“兩個字的組合,上半部採用,最上面好像一頂抽象的帽子,下面的筆劃簡化成兩條曲線,讓人聯想到一對笑咪咪的眼睛,再往下是的圖形文字,看來就像一張人臉。


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