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Policies 政策

1. Complimentary Gift Packing 附送禮品包裝

We offer complimentary gift packing. All items will be delivered in the signature "Zhen Pearl" gift packing which generally includes a beautifully embroidered grey velvet pouch or a grey velvet box, a gold or pink ribbon tied gift box and one paper bag; few small items are packed in embroidered grey velvet pouch with paper bag. Each item comes with its own product card. For packing photos, please click here.

2. Pricing 訂價

The price of pearls or pearl jewelry largely depends on rarity and quality of pearls (i.e., size, shape, color, luster, surface, nacre thickness & matching). For more information, please click Pearl Grading System.
珍珠和珍珠飾品的價格,主要根據珍珠的稀有性和品質決定 (大小、形狀、顏色、皮光、表面、珍珠層厚度 & 搭配性)。請點選珍珠分級標準,了解更多。

Item prices and shipping costs on this website are in USD, and checkout payment is preset in USD. If you wish to make payment in NTD or in other currencies, please contact us to arrange payment. All prices and shipping costs are subject to change, but are not subject to VAT as "Zhen Pearl" is not VAT registered at the moment.

3. Discounts 折扣

A 10% discount will be given to first total purchase. Please use discount code MP7KTU0GVX8V at checkout. Bulk order enjoys additional discount, please contact us to request a price quote.
首次購物享九折優惠,結帳時請使用優惠碼 MP7KTU0GVX8V。大筆訂單請聯絡我們,折扣另議。

4. Payments 付款

Currently we accept payment through all major credit & debit cards that are not issued in Taiwan or through your PayPal account that is not registered in Taiwan. For payment in NTD or in other currencies, we accept direct deposit into our bank account. Please contact us to arrange payment.

PayPal Account Name: Zhen Pearl
PayPal Registered Email:

限於法令規定,我們目前僅接受台灣地區以外發行的各類信用卡,以及台灣地區以外註冊的 PayPal 帳號付款,若您只有台灣地區發行的信用卡或台灣地區的 PayPal 帳號,透過轉帳或匯款至指定銀行帳戶,並選擇以台幣、美元或其他貨幣付款。請聯絡我們安排付款。

5. Duties, Customs Fees & Taxes 進口稅、關稅 & 稅金

Each country has different import regulations, buyers are responsible for all duties, customs fees & any taxes levied by government. Please note the following countries currently ban import of natural/cultured pearls: Bahrain, Brazil, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, Myanmar, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, Syria & Uruguay. The list may change from time to time.
各國有不同進口法規,所有進口稅、關稅和相關政府稅金由買家支付。請留意下列國家目前禁止進口天然/養殖珍珠:巴林、巴西、肯亞、立陶宛、墨西哥、緬甸、巴拿馬、巴拉圭、羅馬尼亞、敘利亞 & 烏拉圭。禁運國家名單隨時可能更新。

6. Order & Delivery 訂單 & 出貨

We will endeavor to ship your order within 2~3 days following receipt of your order with confirmed payment as all our items are hand-made, and it takes time. Delivery time varies according to countries and areas of destination, please refer to Shipping Table for more information.

7. Shipping 寄運

We ship primarily through Chunghwa POST from Taipei, Taiwan, charging by weight. All rates include packaging & registered shipping. For shipments or items valued more than USD$300, we suggest shipping with our courier service partner. Please contact us for details.

○  International Shipping 國際寄運
For international customers, we offer FedEx and two shipping methods by Chunghwa POST: Chunghwa POST International Regular Air Parcel (Registered) & Chunghwa POST EMS (Express Mail Service, Registered). For Chunghwa POST basic rates, less than, and estimated days of delivery, please refer to International Shipping Table. Special flat rates apply to shipping orders weighing more than 1 kg for Regular Air Parcel & 5 kg for EMS. For shipping with FedEx or other courier services, please contact us before purchase to make arrangement and we can adjust shipping costs for you.
我們提供三種國際寄運方式:聯邦快遞、中華郵政國際航空 (含掛號) & 中華郵政國際快捷 (含掛號),請參考0.5公斤以下國際寄運基本資費及寄達天數表。中華郵政國際航空重量超過1公斤、或中華郵政國際快捷重量超過5公斤,適用優惠固定資費。若交由聯邦快遞或其他快遞公司寄運,下單前,請先聯絡我們另做安排並調整運費。

○  Taiwan Domestic Shipping 台灣本地寄運
We ship Chunghw POST Convenient Box (Registered) within Taiwan with a special flat rate of NTD$60 (USD$1.82). It takes 1~3 days to deliver to areas on main island, and 3~5 days to remote areas. Please refer to Taiwan Domestic Shipping Table for flat rate and estimated days of delivery. If you would like to upgrade to Speedpost, please contact us before purchase to make arrangement and we can adjust shipping costs for you.
台灣地區採用中華郵政便利箱 (含掛號),優惠固定資費台幣60元,本島寄達天數約1~3日,離島及偏遠地區約3~5日,請參考台灣本地優惠固定資費及寄達天數表。若改用快遞,下單前,請先聯絡我們另做安排並調整運費。

○  Cross-Strait Shipping 兩岸寄運
We ship FedEx or Chunghwa POST Cross-Strait e-Parcel (Registered) from Taiwan to mainland China. (Buyers in Hong Kong & Macao, please refer to International Shipping). Cross-Strait e-Parcel normally takes 4~8 days to deliver to some areas, and 7~12 to other areas. For basic rates, less than 0.5 kg, and estimated days of delivery, please refer to Cross-Strait e-Parcel Table, a special flat rate applies to shipping orders weighing more than 5kgIf you would like to upgrade to Chunghwa POST Express or to ship with FedEx or other courier services, please contact us before purchase to make arrangement and we can adjust shipping costs for you.
我們採用聯邦快遞或中華郵政兩岸e小包 (含掛號),從台灣寄往中國大陸 (香港及澳門採用國際寄運服務)中華郵政兩岸e小包寄達天數部份地區4~8天,其他地區7~12天,請參考0.5公斤以下兩岸e小包基本資費及寄達天數表重量超過5公斤,適用優惠固定資費。若改用中華郵政兩岸快遞、或交由聯邦快遞或其他快遞公司寄運,下單前,請先聯絡我們另做安排並調整運費。

Shipping Time Frame 出貨日
We ship Mon ~ Fri. (except public holidays)
週一 ~ 週五 (不含假日)

Holiday Shipping Disclaimer 假期寄運注意事項
Please note that during the holiday season Nov-Feb, all usual delivery times are not guaranteed and may be longer especially for international orders.
每年耶誕、元旦、春節假期、即11~ 2月期間,寄運時間可能會延長,尤其是國際包裹。


8. Insurance 保價

Shipments will be insured by "Zhen Pearl" against loss or damage to the point of delivery, where applicable. Insurance coverage is not available for shipping to some countries.

9. Warranty 保固

All nickel-free rhodium-plated and gold-plated chains are treated with protective coating against oxidation. We offer 12 month limited warranty based on normal use.

10. Disclaimer 免責聲明

Images on this website are for illustration purpose, color of the items may vary slightly depending on screen monitors and etc.

11. Privacy 個資保護

Your privacy is important to us, we will not use the information you provided on this website other than what is required to fulfill your order and will keep it strictly confidential.

12. Copyright 版權所有

All images, videos, product designs and written texts on this website are copyrighted by "Zhen Pearl" with all rights reserved. Reuse or dissemination requires permission.