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"Zhen" means "being genuine" in Chinese.

In 2015, Zhen Pearl was started in Taipei, Taiwan out of passion for genuine pearls and respect for truly genuine people, by Cheryl Yee, former celebrity TV journalist. It is about creating a colorful, playful and unconventional pearl fashion with a touch of luxury for the young at heart.

We believe beauty and intelligence can go hand in hand and make the best efforts to create beautiful pieces that are well thought out. The designs are inspired mostly by people in real life and on-screen characters, or by Chinese culture and even current affairs.

We take pride in our hand-made jewelry of impeccable style with high quality pearls that are hand-selected based on GIA Pearl Grading System (size, shape, color, luster, surface, nacre thickness & matching). For Pearl Grading Chart, please click here.

Many of our jewelry items are featured with semi-custom design, inviting customers to choose a different material or color and size to add dashes of character and personality to the original design. Also, we accept full-custom/made-to-order and love to work with customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Some of Zhen Pearl's designs are available as unique pieces in Lily Lifestyle Shop at Makati five star luxury hotel Discovery Primea, Metro Manila, the Philippines. Other retail locations in Asia may be coming soon.

Hope you enjoy our collections, live by the "Zhen" spirit, and follow your heart because genuinely does it!





品牌使用人工嚴選優質珍珠,以GIA美國珠寶學院珍珠鑑定標準進行分級 ,並確保品質(大小、形狀、顏色、皮光、表面、珍珠層厚度 & 搭配性)。請點選這裡參考珍珠分級表。


真珍珠有部份特殊設計款,在菲律賓馬尼拉信義區馬卡蒂市五星級酒店 Discovery Primea 的精品店內展售,亞洲其他國家零售據點,也在策劃進行中。

希望您真心喜歡真珍珠、揮灑“真” 精神,跟著感覺走,就是要真!