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Cover Photo: Taipei 101 / 封面照:台北101

Posted by Cheryl Yee on

This is current Zhen Pearl website cover photo taken from my balcony overlooking Taipei City in the evening of Feb 23, 2016, in one of the coldest winters in Taiwan. The balcony view is always changing depending on the season, the weather condition and the time of the day. The tallest building is Taipei 101, the most iconic skyscraper in the country which stands 509.2 m (1,671 ft) high and has 101 floors. It is one of the world's tallest. My family frequent Taipei 101 for dining and shopping since it houses our favorite restaurant Din Tai Fung and has ample parking space in the basement.

這張是真珍珠官網現有的封面照,拍攝時間:2016年2月23日晚間、台灣最冷的冬天之一,從住家陽台眺望台北市區;陽台景緻始終千變萬化,因為季節不同、天氣變化,甚至一天裡不同時段會出現不同樣貌,百看不膩照片中最高的摩天樓是當地知名地標 ~ 台北101,高509.2米 (1,671尺),有101層樓,是世界最高建物之一。家人經常到台北101用餐和逛街,那裏有我們愛吃的鼎泰豐餐廳,地下停車場車位多、交通方便。

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