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Launching the first retail location! 首個零售點開賣!

Posted by Cheryl Yee on

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Our first retail location is officially launched on July 28, 2016 in Manila, the Philippines! 

Zhen Pearl's designs are available as unique pieces in Lily Lifestyle Shop at Makati five star luxury hotel Discovery Primea. On display are three pearl necklace and earrings sets: Double Happiness, The Rock, Runaway Princess and super cute baby bracelet collection, First Hello. Local customers are most welcomed to check them out.

The Zhen Pearl team are truly grateful to Pat Montinola, Michella Arceo and Mei Fung Springer of Lily who helped to make this possible. Meanwhile we are working on other retail locations in Asia. 

2016年7 月28日,我們的首個零售點開賣了!地點在菲律賓馬尼拉信義區馬卡蒂市五星級酒店 Discovery Primea 的精品店 Lily Lifestyle Shop。


真珍珠團隊特別感謝Lily精品店的 Pat Montinola, Michella Arceo 和 Mei Fung Springer,因為他們的全力協助,我們才有這樣寶貴的機會。亞洲其他零售點正在籌備中,敬請期待!

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