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Flooded with Instagram likes! Instagram 讚!讚!讚!

Posted by Cheryl Yee on

OMG! I was absolutely thrilled and excited having been told Zhen Pearl's Crystal Skull Bracelet received over 70 instant likes on Instagram. The exquisite bracelet is hand-braided with purple genuine leather, Silver Night Swarovski skull delicately cut from a single piece of crystal and one 8mm Freshwater pearl in purple from the Philippines.

Thanks to Cheryl Tiu from the Philippines, a dear new friend who loves the design and posts the picture on her page. Also thanks to Chim Namjildorj who too loves the bracelet and introduces me to Cheryl.

And now,  new colors are added to the collection. Swarovski skulls are available in 5 colors: Silver Night, Navy Blue, Jet, Golden Shadow & Aurora Borealis (rainbow-like effect on clear crystal). Genuine leather cords are also in 5 colors: Purple, Black, Red, Brown & Navy Blue. The bracelet is featured with semi-custom design so that you can order in any size or preferred color combination, such as Silver Night Skull with Red Leather Cord or Golden Shadow Skull with Purple Leather Cord, and etc. Designer will select the pearl to match bracelet colors.

噢麥尬! 好久沒這麼激動、這麼興奮了!真珍珠的水晶骷髏手環照片貼上Instagram,沒多久,就收到70 多個讚!照片中的手環,是用紫色真皮繩手工編織,主角是施華洛世奇夜影水晶骷髏,以單顆水晶精工切割,外加一顆8mm紫色菲律賓淡水珍珠,清新脫俗。

感謝最近新認識的菲律賓朋友張美鈴,是她在Instagram 分享手環照片;也謝謝 Chim Namjildorj,是她介紹我認識美鈴。她們兩位都超愛骷髏手環喔!

作品現在有新色了!施華洛世奇水晶骷髏有五色:夜影、深藍、墨黑、影子金 & 北極光,皮繩也有五色:紫、黑、紅、咖啡 & 深藍。這款手環提供半客製服務,歡迎訂做各種尺寸和您喜歡的配色,例如:夜影骷髏配紅皮繩、影子金骷髏配紫皮繩 ........,設計師會選用不同顏色的珍珠搭配手環。

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