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Finding happiness and fulfillment in life

“Finding happiness and fulfillment in life” 
This is the title of feature article of Zhen Pearl founder and designer Cheryl Yee, by Rodel Alzona, Philippine Business Mirror on Aug. 28, 2016. Zhen Pearl is the missing piece in Cheryl's life, and finding it makes her happy and fulfilled. Now she is ready to bring more happiness and joy into other people's life.

Thanks so very much to Rodel Alzona of Philippine Business Mirror for such a wonderful feature, to Emerson Lim of CNA for picking it up, and to UDN, Chinatimes, Rti and many other media for following up on the story. Thank you all for giving us more power! ❤︎

cheryl yee at lily shop

這是菲律賓商業鏡報2016年8月28日的週末人物特寫標題,內容介紹"真珍珠"創辦人兼設計師裔式敏,由Rodel Alzona企劃撰寫。裔式敏創辦"真珍珠",因此找到人生的缺角,也找到生命的快樂與充實,現在她希望帶給更多人快樂和幸福。

非常感謝菲律賓商業鏡報Rodel Alzona超讚的特寫、還有中央社林行健的即時報導,同樣非常感謝聯合、中時、中央廣播電台和許多其他媒體轉載。謝謝大家!我們會繼續努力! ❤︎

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