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Hi, I am Cheryl Yee. 我是裔式敏

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Hi, I am Cheryl Yee, Zhen Pearl's founder and designer.

Zhen Pearl is my lifelong project, a showcase of my past and present, and path to the future.

I was a TV journalist for many years, but chose to leave my job while based in Singapore as China TV Southeast Asia Bureau Chief in 2012 because I had lost passion for my work. Since then, I had tried other jobs in PR and college teaching, still, I could not find myself. 

Accidentally I picked up what I loved to do long time ago, DIY jewelry making, and found my zest again. I kept making one piece after another and different colors for each design, mixing & matching genuine pearls, Swarovski crystal elements, gemstones and exotic materials. The creative process was truly enjoyable and therapeutic, and people really loved the designs, often amazed by such detail-oriented craftsmanship. After all, I pride myself on being such a die-hard perfectionist. 

Then I started thinking of marketing my collections online to bring a little joy and happiness into more people's life. It had been almost three years before I set up this website.

I constantly remind myself I am not selling my beloved pieces to make myself rich, and I never will, though it's not entirely a bad thing to have a fortune. Any income will be used to fund future projects including charities to bring a little joy and happiness into more people's life.

Finally, hope you enjoy Zhen Pearl collections as much as I enjoy making them and light the spark inside you. Genuinely does it... XOXO 

Hi, 我是裔式敏、“真珍珠”創辦人兼設計師。



偶然間,重拾起多年前的嗜好 ~ 手作珠寶,沒想到,熱情的感覺回來了!我可以從早到晚不停手作,一件接著一件、廢寢忘食地做,以真的珍珠混搭施華洛世奇水晶元素、半寶石和異類材質,毎款設計又手作各種配色。創作過程是享受、也是療癒。獨特的設計和精緻手工,令許多人驚豔,畢竟我就是這樣無可救藥的完美主義者。



最後,衷心期盼您喜愛“真珍珠”,分享我的創作喜悅、點燃內心火花!就是要真... XOXO

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