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Zhen Pearl Rocks 「真珍珠」👍👍👍😘😘

Posted by Cheryl Yee on


I am absolutely thrilled by people's response. They love it!

It was first public showcase of my jewelry designs in Taiwan, Nov 24~29, 2018 Canbran Lifestyle Week @Taipei Flora Expo, outdoor with occasional rain. Really didn't expect much, but it turned out to be a great success. Hurrah!

There were mother and daughter who walked long distance to withdraw cash for their purchase, and did it twice. Another customer transferred payment online into my bank account right in front of me for two necklaces. And still another customer contacted me after the event and ordered more products.  

I am absolutely thrilled by people's response and feel eternally grateful. A million thanks to all customers and to Lei and Erika from the organizer who invited me to participate. Efforts finally paid off. I did it! Thank you all for liking my designs. Love ya! XOXO :-D

開心😍 大家反應超熱!喜歡我的作品耶~耶~~

Cheryl Yee



大家的反應實在令我太感動、太感恩,萬分感謝每一位肯定我的顧客,也感謝 Lei 和主辦單位 Erika 邀我參與。所有努力都值得了!謝謝您喜歡我的設計!超開心der XOXO :-D

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