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An Unforgettable First Time 難忘處女秀

Posted by Cheryl Yee on


It was an unforgettable reality show, for the very first time.

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, the Zhen Pearl team came face to face with customers, for the first time, at weekend bazaar of Landmark Club in Tianmu, Taipei. Special thanks to Rachel Chatham, member of the club, who took care of the arrangements and made this possible.

Feedback was tremendously positive. On-site retail sales exceeded expectations. Several ladies even commented our prices were too low. Didn't see that coming though ~ Zhen Pearl should really be gearing up for the upmarket.



現場反應好到爆,銷售也超過預期,還有幾位貴婦竟然向我們反應標價太低,真的讓人大跌眼鏡 ~ 真珍珠要看漲囉!

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