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Crystal Skull (Ab/special edition) 水晶骷髏 (北極光/特別版)

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The bracelet features large size Swarovski crystal skull (Ab), braided with genuine leather cord in sizes 16.5cm, 17.5cm, 19cm. Other sizes can be made-to-order. It can be slightly adjusted by loosening and tightening the knot, leather ends can be trimmed off by yourself to an ideal length with sharp scissors.If you are not sure about bracelet size, please click here

Please select right or left wrist where you normally wear bracelet, so that we can position the knot for you.

- Swarovski crystal skull (jet) 19mm
- Swarovski crystal cube 8mm
- red genuine leather cord
- complimentary Zhen Pearl gift packing

手環採用大號施華洛世奇水晶骷髏 (北極光),真皮繩編織。現有尺寸:16.5cm、17.5cm 、19cm,歡迎訂購其他尺寸,手環打結處稍微收緊或放鬆,能調整尺寸,多餘皮繩可用剪刀修剪尾端成理想長度。如果不確定手環尺寸,請點選這裡

施華洛世奇水晶骷髏 (北極光) 19mm
- 施華洛世奇立方形水晶 8mm
- 紅色真皮繩
- 附送真珍珠禮盒包裝

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