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Lineup Double (white/cream) 雙排 (白/米)

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Be versatile! The necklace is a perfect replacement for traditional pearl strand. It can be a single or double necklace, or detach the short inner chain and connect it to the outer chain, converting the necklace to a long one. Necklace size: 35~46cm (double), 37~48cm (single) or connect two chains: 60~70cm
- AAA grade very high luster white/cream Freshwater round pearls 6~6.5mm 
- all stainless
- complimentary Zhen Pearl gift packing

變變變!傳統珍珠鍊的另類選項,可變化多種配戴款式:單條、雙條,或拆下內圍短鍊,扣在外圍鍊條上,相接成一條長項鍊。項鍊尺寸:35~46cm (雙條)、37~48cm (單條)、兩條鏈相接: 60~70cm
- AAA 級超亮皮光白/米色圓形淡水珍珠 6~6.5mm 
- 全不鏽鋼
- 附送真珍珠禮盒包裝

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