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Geometric: Square (lilac/gold Ab) 幾何形 (丁香/金彩)

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Large square shape keshi baroque pearl is a rare find, favored by many collectors, and exquisite with a modern touch. Keshi pearls vary in size and shape, each is unique and may appear slightly different from website image. Necklace size: 42~52cm or 51~62cm
- high quality, very high luster lilac Freshwater keshi baroque pearl 20x20mm
- Swarovski crystal cube 8mm
- stainless chain 
- complimentary Zhen Pearl gift packing

大顆的方形客旭巴洛克珍珠稀有、獨特,又富現代感,是許多收藏家最愛。每顆客旭珍珠形狀、大小都不相同,具有獨特性,和官網圖片會稍有差異。項鍊尺寸:42~52cm 或 51~62cm
- 優質、皮光超亮丁香色淡水客旭巴洛克珍珠 20x20mm 
- 施華洛世奇立方形水晶 8mm
- 不鏽鋼鍊
- 附送真珍珠禮盒包裝

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