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Cool Rock (blue) 酷石 (藍)

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These are genuine pearls! The very high luster silver color Freshwater keshi pearls resembled the shape of the rock, truly are collector's items. Inspired by movie "The Rock", the design is unique, exotic and in unusual colors, creating an mesmerizing effect. Pearls may appear slightly different in actual size and shape. Necklace size: 46~52cm

- high quality silver Freshwater keshi pearls 10x13mm
- Swarovski crystal beads 4mm 
- all stainless
- complimentary Zhen Pearl gift packing

這些是真的珍珠!皮光超亮的銀色淡水客旭珍珠,外形像石塊,錯過不再有,值得珍藏。作品靈感來自影片“絕地任務” (英文片名“巨石”),設計獨特又有異國情調,跳色混搭施華洛世奇雙彩水晶珠,營造奇幻效果。珍珠實際大小、形狀和圖片顯示可能略不同。項鍊尺寸:46~52cm

- 優質銀色淡水客旭珍珠 10x13mm 
- 施華洛世奇水晶珠 4mm 
- 全不鏽鋼
- 附送真珍珠禮盒包裝

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