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Culture & Religion 文化信仰

There are two sub-collections: OMG! & Chinese. OMG! is an exquisite integration of cross shape pearls cultured in freshwater and steel wires, a cross between classic and modern. Cross pearls vary in size, shape and color, each is hand-picked for quality. To bring out natural luster and color of the pearls, designers use steel wires of different colors to match each pearl.

本系列有兩個子系列:噢麥尬! &  華人,噢麥尬!是淡水養殖十字形珍珠和鋼絲圈的匠心凝聚,既經典又現代,每顆十字形珍珠的大小、形狀和顏色都不相同,必須經由人工篩選品質。為凸顯每顆珍珠的獨特天然色澤,設計師精心搭配不同顏色的鋼絲圈。