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Color Code 心情密碼

3D Color Code is a colorful 3D pearl pendant that reflects your personality, with endless color combinations. There are currently 5 sub-collections: Chic for being sweet and trendy, Bold for confidence and bravery, Jazzy for rhythm and flare, Encore is an extended version for lavishness, and 3D Earrings. Look for your particular color code in this collection or we create one just for you.

3D心情密碼是彩色3D立體珍珠墜鍊,有各種配色,反映不同的性格特質。目前有五個子系列:時尚版是甜美和流行,率真版是自信和勇氣, 爵士版是韻律和飄逸,加長型安可版展現大器 ,還有 3D耳環。除了現有配色,我們也期待為您客製專屬心情密碼。