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In prayer, we can make a difference.
This page is dedicated to helping people through prayers and to offering inspiration to frontliners or those who are selflessly giving in the age of pandemic. It is updated regularly, sponsored by Zhen Pearl.
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Aug 24, 2020
STORY Finally, some good news on coronavirus testing! The U.S. FDA issued an emergency use authorization to Yale School of Public Health for its SalivaDirect COVID-19 diagnostic test, which uses saliva as a sample for testing. SalivaDircet avoids many of the supply bottlenecks of other tools and could be offered for as little as USD10 a test, a much cheaper alternative to traditional PCR tests costing hundreds of US dollars. Yale is offering SalivaDirect's protocol open source, meaning researchers worldwide can take and adapt the method for use in their own labs.
PRAYER We pray that SalivaDirect may be soon available in all countries. We also pray world's scientists and researchers continue joining forces to accelerate diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics for this novel coronavirus. Yes, we pray...

Aug 17, 2020
STORY US, the world's hardest-hit country, has reached 5 million confirmed COVID-19 cases on Aug 9, 2020. The most populous state in the country, California became the first state to surpass 600,000 reported coronavirus cases. Averaged over 1,000 coronavirus deaths per day for 28 straight days, the confirmed death toll from COVID-19 in the US passes 170,000 mark which is also the highest in the world.
PRAYER We pray that people can manage anxiety and fears in the face of this unique crisis, and find new ways of coping. We also pray the US government steps up efforts to effectively contain coronavirus spread. Yes, we pray...

Aug 10, 2020
STORY Globally, more than 165 COVID-19 vaccines are being developed at unprecedented rate. While at least 27 vaccines are in human trial, Russian officials told CNN the Russian vaccine created by the Moscow-based Gamaleya Institute may be ready by mid Aug. 2020. Vaccines typically require years of testing before reaching the clinic, but scientists are racing to produce a coronavirus vaccine within 12 to 18 months.
PRAYER As COVID-19 cases continue to reach new highs, we pray a safe and effective vaccine is available sooner than we expect so that lockdowns can be lifted more safely and social distancing may be relaxed. Yes, we pray...

Aug 3, 2020
STORY Despite the risk of covid-19 exposure, people travel for love. On Aug 6, 2020, Madam W travels from Taiwan to the U.S., the most infected country. Her flight stops in Tokyo and Chicago, both heavily infected cities en route to Memphis, Tennessee where her daughter is due to give birth. W is Taiwanese in her 60s who prefers anonymity. Though the act of love puts her life at risk, it is a noble act of self-giving.
PRAYER We pray for W's safe journey across the Pacific Ocean and for her daughter's successful delivery of a healthy and beautiful baby. We also pray for safe travel for all people who travel for love. Yes, we pray...