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COVID-19.Data app gives users a systematic overview of most up-to-date global COVID-19 trend as well as current status in each country with special focus on the US. Coronavirus data for the app is daily updated, sorted and easily accessible by clicking on the five categories: Top 10 Global, Cases Update, Curves, Bars and Map.

You would want to use this app to find out the answers to your daily questions about COVID-19 global pandemic, questions like: Which are the top 10 countries that have the most confirmed cases, new cases and etc? What are the top 10 US states/counties and their locations on the map? In the Curve category, different countries or US states/counties are displayed side by side in descending or alphabetical order, making it easy for you to compare them on coronavirus trends. The Curve also lets you drag to review historical data date by date. To facilitate a comprehensible view of coronavirus data, all global data is sorted by country or by continent, and US data is sorted by state or county. Hope this app can give you what you need and you'd like it.

Developer's well-thought-out design creates not only a comprehensible data display for pandemic outlook, but also esthetic layout for a more pleasant user experience. In addition, the app features "Prayer" which intends to manifest positive energy in our lives, regardless of religious beliefs, in the age of pandemic.

All graphics and colors are co-designed by the app developer and Cheryl S. Yee who is also writer/editor for the app's "Prayer" and founder of Zhen Pearl (, sponsor for "Prayer" .

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